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About World Plus RX

About World Plus RX

About World Plus RX Check Since 2004 we have filled prescription medications for more than 200,000 customers. Over the last 10 years we have improved relations with our licensed pharmacies located in India, Singapore and Europe to bring you the same high-quality generic medications that you can purchase in the United States but at a fraction of the cost.

Safe Online Purchasing

Safe and EffectiveWorld Plus RX has security in place to keep your transaction and personal information safe. Our site has 256-bit encryption, same security used by banking systems to protect their customers online.

Safe and Cost Effective Brand Name and Brand Name-Equivalent Medication

Safe and EffectiveWe are not a Canadian Pharmacy.  World Plus RX contracts with fully licensed pharmacies in Europe, India and the Singapore, all orders filled through World Plus RX are dispensed by a fully licensed pharmacy and a licensed pharmacist. All of our partner pharmacies are under strict government regulations of their country. The only difference between these medications and ones you would receive from a pharmacy in the United States is the price and we pass this low cost on to you.

Generic Medications Are Just As Safe And Effective As Their Brand-Name Equivalents.

Save and Effective Generic MedicationsGeneric medications are ones for which the original manufacturer has lost its patent protection, allowing other companies to produce and sell the same medication under a different name.  This stimulates competition and drives prices down.  Due to strict government regulations, generic drugs must contain the same active ingredients as the original brand name drug. For more information on generic medications, check out our about Generic Medications page.

Affordable Prescription Medications

Save Money with World Plus RXWorld Plus RX was started as a resource for seniors who fell into the Medicare Part D Donut Hole, the gap between initial prescription drug coverage and the catastrophic-coverage threshold.  World Plus RX fills this gap by offering affordable prescription medications. Since inception, we have branched out to help everyone save on popular name brand and generic prescription drugs.

World Plus RX processes over 300,000 orders per year; helping over 150,000 Americans and numerous individuals from the UK and around the world import high-quality generic prescription medication from overseas pharmacies.  We also advise many self-employed individuals on how to save thousands of dollars by purchasing generic prescription medications from our  partnering pharmacies.